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Integration Guide

GrowSumo connects with your web or mobile application to automatically track and reward influencer activity. By connecting to certain triggers within your application our system generates the right reward for the right influencer. This automation makes it easy to maintain and scale an influencer program.

Integrating with mobile? Look no further than the setup guide
Integrating with Shopify? Please use the GrowSumo Shopify App

Step 1. Install GrowSumoJS

Install the tracking JavaScript, GrowSumoJS, on your signup page to read the referral cookie set by influencer links. This snippet also allows you to send user Signup information to GrowSumo.

Step 2. Capture Transactions

via Webhooks

Webhooks notify GrowSumo when a Customer is created, charged, or subscribes to a plan in your payment processor.

Webhooks are the recommended integration if you use a supported Payment Provider.
If you're using a different provider, send us a message through Intercom.

Read more about our supported webhooks: Stripe Webhook, Recurly Webhook,
and Chargebee Webhook

via GrowSumo API

The GrowSumo API offers is built with RESTful principles, and allowing the greatest flexibility for your integration. Get started with the GrowSumo API primer, or just straight into the reference materials.

via Zapier

Click here for our Premium Zapier connection guide.

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What's Next

Start with GrowSumoJS to track referral signups