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Getting Started

Welcome to the GrowSumo Integration Guide

A successful GrowSumo integration lets you automatically engage, analyze, and reward your influencers.

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Integrating your web application is a simple three step process:


GrowSumoJS is implemented on your website to track new user sign-ups.
It makes sure that the customers that have been referred, are attributed to the correct partner.

Here is a detailed guide on how to set it up GrowSumoJS

Payment Provider Webhooks

We currently support: Stripe, Recurly, and Chargebee

Webhooks notify GrowSumo when a Customer is created, charged, or subscribes to a plan. Customers can be kept in-sync with minimal integration work.

This is the recommended integration if you use one of our supported Payment Providers. If we do not support your Payment Provider, shoot us a message.

Here are the guides for each supported webhook:


The GrowSumo API gives you the most control over your integration. It is organized around REST and has predictable, resource-oriented URLs.

Currently, the API allows you to interact with Customers, Subscriptions and Transactions.

JSON is returned by all API responses, including errors, although our API libraries convert responses to appropriate language-specific objects.

Test and Live Production Keys
To make the API as explorable as possible, your GrowSumo account has both TEST mode and LIVE mode API keys in your integration settings.

There is no "switch" for changing between modes, just use the appropriate key to perform a live or test request. Requests made with test credentials are viewable by influencers and incur no cost.

Authentication is handled with basic Auth. Simply use your public key and private key as the username and password respectively.

What's Next

Start with GrowSumoJS to track referral signups


Getting Started